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A Rock “Operalet” by
(Op΄ ra΄ lā: a Rock Opera and Interpretive Dance or Ballet).

This musical odyssey is the culmination of a vision about where the planet may be headed. It’s a universal wake-up call for every race, religion and open mind worldwide.  The focus is on the story and not any individual artist, singer or band.

Many years ago a vision of the future of humankind came to as an epiphany. This music and a stage production will communicate that vision and message, the journey of mankind and the tribulations.

As seen through the eyes of an angel (Nereida) and a reluctant hero (Gabriel), the story unfolds in the lyrics and progression of songs. Follow these two characters through the trials and tribulations of mankind. A brief summary of the story of each song can be found next to each song preview. The music has a purpose!

“It’s up to you, up to me -- can we save humanity?” This music by is an effort to connect as many souls as possible in the world and provide a positive catalyst to save the planet. To inspire you to find purpose and spirituality and to serve humankind in any way you can.

Children of God, let's find our way home. A Heaven and Earth as One. The journey begins…

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